I shall only cry two tears for you

Oh such a heartwrenching title!

I have a feeling the first of these posts will be about severing my ties with Facebook. My homepage is now my blog, and not a blue-and-white page filled with random pictures and short, tiny blurbs updating me on all sorts of various things. Movie quotes, Bible quotes, silly quotes…pictures of people on photo scavenger hunts. Oh, and my dear friends will have to resort to POKING me in person–sad thing, huh?

The aftermath of this decision is easy: I will be more in touch with reality. 🙂 It sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

I have posted so many statuses about “what if we…” did this or that to enhance and strengthen our relationship with God. I want to grow intimately closer to Him. I want to be wholeheartedly committed to Him and follow His commands…which ultimately lead to freedom. Sometimes gouging out part of yourself to make the rest submissive to Christ is necessary. Yeah, it can hurt like the dickens, but joy comes with the healing.

So Facebook, I shall only cry two tears for you. *sniff sniff* After wasting so many hours doing nothing on your site, I shall hereby regain control of my life, and be a better steward of the time God has given me. Enjoy your final hours before I pull your plug.


2 thoughts on “I shall only cry two tears for you

  1. Welcome to the world of blogs. I hope and pray that some of the benefits you are hoping for will be realized as you take back some of the time God allots to you each day.

    See you soon.

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