Operation Time Management

Alrighty, well I think I finally have “somewhat” of a grasp on the layout here. I love this header picture; the first thought that popped into my head was “…His joy comes with the morning…”

So to re-iterate about the Facebook deal again, I am going to prove to myself that I can survive without it. Personally I think it is a very lame thing to have to prove to oneself, but we can’t be picky about such things. I have several books to read, a room to finish organizing (and hopefully re-decorate), letters to write, pages to fill…so many other things that have been neglected because of the time I waste on Facebook. Is the website inherently evil? No. Do I have issues with time management when I’m on it? Yes.

I’m still gonna post my thoughts on the internet. I’m still gonna chat with people on IM. I’m not giving up the internet, I’m just shutting a door that is normally so easily accessible.

One of the things I have been learning lately is that God doesn’t let me get too comfortable in my relationship with Him; He will always find something more to have me work on and keep me moving. Funny, I had some issues He was just finishing working on, and no sooner had we come in for the landing when He decided to take off and start working on something else. Right now it’s Operation Time Management.

I’ve noticed that mornings are very crucial when it comes to the layout for the activities for the day. We tend to spend (nice rhyme, huh) the most time on the first thing we work on, because we haven’t rationed out our energy yet. If I have two hours in the morning before work, I can easily spend the whole time in front of a mirror getting ready. I have been noticing, however, that if I read my Bible and do my devotional stuff first…I can actually spend the majority of that time spent with God…and wow, I can do a lot of mirror-artwork in less than 15 minutes! 🙂


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