Casting Cares

The Bible tells us to “cast [our] cares upon Him because He cares for [us]”. It’s kinda like we don’t have to worry about anything because He will do the worrying for us…but He’s God, and technically He doesn’t have to worry, ’cause He has everything under control.

Which is a good thing to remember–especially when trials come, testing your ability to cast your cares upon God.

Today, for example: Jeremiah is sick. I don’t know what’s wrong with him, other than that he “got sick” all over the back step this morning. He was gone all day, and I didn’t see him ’til just a few minutes ago. He’s normally quite the sociable cat when you go out to visit him, but he just sat there and slowly purred as I stroked his fur.  He barely moved.

God knows I love my cat. God knows I don’t want to lose him.

So Lord, here’s one more care I am giving to You…


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