Split Pea Soup

I often tend to refer to myself as having a pea brain. My family will probably add that occasionally I have a fat head, too. How these two work together is an unfortunate reality, but needless to say I do manage to account for numerous thought trains floating about up there.

Floating trains? Wow. Bad analogy, Zoe dearest.

Anyway, the point I am grossly attempting to make is that I have several thought summaries I wish to share with you, and hope to further expand upon in the near future. (However, due to OTM–scroll down to the bottom of the page–I don’t have much time to elaborate at the moment.) So if we were to crack open my little brain and boil it a bit, here’s what you would find:

1. Damn. Hell.

Both are words used for Biblical purposes, though the former tends to be softened to “condemn” in many versions. Again, I will elaborate more on this thought later–and please feel free to do so now!–but what I’m wondering, is if we get so caught up on the “cussing element”of these two words that we neglect to recognize their frightening significance.

2. Is we sprinkled or is we immersed?

Are we so totally immersed in the Holy Spirit that every action reflects Him? Or are we merely content to be sprinkled, like babies who have a priest drip “holy water” upon their foreheads?

3.  Are we speaking empty words?

Do our actions line up with what we say? Are we speaking the Truth, living the Truth–living unashamedly for the Truth? Are we too disgustingly concerned about our self-image to defend the gospel of Christ…which is the power of God for the salvation of all who believe?

4. To Do List

So then what? We have answered these questions in our minds; are we now going to be content to realize that we have things we need to change or work on? Or are we going to change and work on them? *sigh* I pray our to-do list never says “nothing” on it.

Yup. Split pea soup right there. Look at it, eat it, or wash it down the garbage disposal. God is still God and He knows our hearts. His rules are still in place whether we obey them or not. We just miss out on so many blessings when we ignore Him! And quite frankly, I’m tired of missing blessings.


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