Let me tell ya how it be

I am getting rather sick of all these “what-if” posts that I write. Yes, hopefully they challenge us to see the benefits of “what” would happen “if” we were totally aligned with God…but it can’t end there. Essentially it’s just like reading something, closing the book, and instantly forgetting the information. (And you all know the verse there…) We have to put actions behind our words.

That’s what I’m learning to do.

The strange, intriguing thing of it all, is how sin interrupts our relationship with God. Sin creates a barrier that prevents us from coming freely before our Savior, making us hesitant to pour our hearts out before Him–because we realize we have junk that He will want to get rid of. But we should not be hesitant if we are to “enter boldly into the throne room of grace”! We somehow create this false mental block that says, “If I have to deal with my sin, it’s gonna hurt and I’m not gonna have any fun after that.” We tell ourselves that if we get rid of it, the end results are going to be humiliation and “no more doing what I want to do”, or “no more fun”.

LIE RADAR! Ding, ding, ding!

Hoooooeeeeeyy. A lie straight from the pit of hell that reeks of sulphur. PAH!

Okay, so first of all, we serve a loving God. We serve a God who is so deeply concerned for our current lives and the future of our souls, that He sent His son, Jesus, to take on the punishment for our sins and so that we can be forgiven. And freely so. At no cost to us, but at the highest cost to Him.

Now I ask you, does a God like that *points upward* tell you to confess your sins to Him, just so He can make a mockery out of you? Or does He instead invite you to give Him all the gory details of your thought life and your selfish habits, so He can make you blameless and pure in His sight?

I ask you: Who do you believe your Savior to be?

I am learning that as I continually choose to “take every thought captive” and submit it to God, that the resulting feeling is not one of, “Oh great, I just lost again”–but instead, “Hey, that wasn’t too bad. He tells me what I need to do and gives me the strength to do it.”

And I feel free.


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