One Week Anniversary

Oh sappy thought.

However, in approximately 12 hours I can celebrate one full week of being Facebook-free. It actually hasn’t been as hard as I thought…and wow, as I write this it sounds like I have conquered a huge addiction–like a drug habit or a drinking problem–so fortunately it was not that bad.

But we can’t always choose our battles.

I think that’s probably what I have learned the most, is that everybody has some area (or plural) in their life that is their own struggle, and the person next to you might be struggling with something totally different. It’s not that one difficulty is a “more worthy cause” or a “lesser evil”, but rather that we all have things to be working on, and hopefully to the glory of God. How silly would it be to not admit you are struggling with an issue, just because it seemed “insignificant”? I suspect that mentality could turn into a creeping habit, one which eventually would influence the way all problems were to be resolved. Or the lack thereof.


2 thoughts on “One Week Anniversary

  1. *like*

    It’s an issue I’ve considered. At this point, though, I think I can’t in the sense that it would be silly for me to do because of the kind of work I want (political). But cutting back on Facebook time is another matter.

  2. The *like* made me smile. 😀

    Yeah, I found out that cutting back wasn’t working for me…so I had to just go all out and delete it. (THAT worked. :D) I guess I don’t quite understand your dilemma, though. What is the Facebook/political work correlation?

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