Eb-E-B (Or, On Things Above)

Eb-E-B is in reference to the piano intro for MercyMe’s I Can Only Imagine. We played it in church today, and it got me thinking about heaven…

How many of you envision heaven as being a long, boring, dull, monotonous church service? (Don’t raise your hand.)

How many imagine fluffy clouds and lots of shiny stuff?

How many picture a grand feast and maybe something similar to the masquerade ball near the end of Ever After?

How many think it will be like a fantastic party that is great at first, but then tapers off and eventually you get bored or go home?

Or perhaps I am the only one who wonders what heaven will be like…

I think if I am perfectly honest with myself, I have squnched (yes, I created the word) all the above ideas into my mental image of heaven. The concept of eternal life is almost nauseating. (Well, it was to me this morning.) Trying to imagine what it would be like to never cease existing–have you ever wondered that? Beyond that, however, not only do you never cease existing, but you shall either continue to exist in the presence of Jesus, or you will “exist” (if the word could even suffice) banished from His presence, in eternal anguish and torment. We don’t have a choice about participating in this whole everlasting life deal–meaning we can’t choose whether to “end”  when our physical bodies rot, or to have our souls continue forever–but God in His grace has given us the freedom to decide whether we will follow Him into heaven, or be dragged with Satan into hell.

Now I am not the most scholarly person on this topic, and I’m sure that if I were to delve millions of times into my Bible on passages about heaven, I would learn way more, yet never all of it. This much I do know, and simply put: 

Heaven is spending eternity in the presence of Jesus. He is the goal of our faith, the salvation of our souls.

I get so swamped in the drudgeries of earthly living that I too often forget that “this too shall pass” and I only have a tiny amount of time here. While I wait in eager anticipation for Christ’s return, I still have tasks to accomplish. I am still called to live at a high standard, because Jesus calls me to righteousness. Every moment I have to determine to surrender every thought and action to Him, for the war between my spirit and my flesh continues to rage. Yet even through all of this….plahhhhh…stuff we deal with here, Jesus continues to reveal more and more of Himself to us. He continues to pursue us with the most passionate, consuming love…and if we can know Him now on such an intimate level–without being in His “physical” presence…how much more so will it be when we can see Him face-to-face?

I challenge you: If you aren’t already in love or falling in love with your Savior now, pray that He will make Himself absolutely and utterly evident in your life–because He will. Remember, this is your God with whom you will spend eternity (I am hoping this may be true for you)…this is your Father who loves you and calls you to join Him forever…so are you excited about that?!


2 thoughts on “Eb-E-B (Or, On Things Above)

  1. Have you read “Heaven” by Randy Alcorn? Good book! He explores the biblical passages on heaven and the idea of what earth being a shadow of the things yet to come. Well worth the read!

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