Time Stewardess

I was thinking about that last night…if I am supposed to be a good steward of the time and resources God has given me, does that mean I can therefore be a “stewardess”? Let’s not go with the whole airline attire–jeans, sweatshirt and ponytail will suffice for this afternoon–but I think the word could apply. 🙂

I created a list of 16 things to accomplish today, varying in length and time allotments, and I hope to complete them all before I go to bed tonight. I’ve gotten 3.5 done so far, and since I am now announcing to the world that I intend to check everything off, I “shore bettah do ’em”! 

(And no, “make list” is not on my list, in case anyone was wondering…)

So until the end of 16…



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