Birth Control, Updates, and More Thoughts on Time

“Looking for birth control that you don’t have to take every day?”

That was the advertisement on the right side of my Pandora music screen a few minutes ago. I’m like, “Um, no, actually. I use slightly more preventative measures.”

(That was a free blog post. It had nothing to do with what I’d originally planned to write. 🙂 )

To update on a few of my former entries, however: 1)  Jeremiah is doing fine. I think he ate something that just had to work itself out of his system…and if you know Jeremiah, you would realize he has a rather large system. Lately he has decided to take up residence in a cardboard box on our back patio, and is happy as a bug there. 2) About my “Time Stewardess” post, I actually did accomplish quite a bit that day. Wasn’t able to check everything off the list, but did do lots of laundry, housework, homework, and made a delightful strawberry yogurt cake. (It was most delightful, I say!)

I’ve been learning that as I choose to prioritize and seize the twenty-four hours God has given me, I actually can get a lot done! When I was younger, I used to imagine how organized and diligent and ethical I would be as an adult. I think I assumed that some morning I would automatically decide to wake up at 5am, go to the gym for an hour, spend a long time in my Bible, and contine with my well-organized day. I’ve had days very similar to those, but they don’t just happen like that. I have to continually make a conscious decision to not be mastered by laziness, and to instead decide what is most important to me–and act accordingly.

I had a horrid revelation recently, when I realized that the majority of my mornings was spent in front of a glass mirror, and not in God’s Word…and the Bible is where I would have a far more accurate reflection of who I really was! No amount of foundation, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, cover-up, blush, eyeshadow, etc. can conceal an ugly spirit. Nor can hairspray and bobby pins. I am proud to say that lately I have been able to spend an hour or so with God in my quiet mornings, and only 20 min. or so primping in front of the mirror. Amazingly, I don’t look any different–but there is a deeper, almost subtle,  joy that creeps into my countenance when I allow myself to view myself in God’s eyes; when I spend more time making my heart pretty, and not worrying so much about my face. Or my hair.

And not surprisingly, I am beginning to feel terrible when I don’t spend time with Him in the morning. It’s not a guilty feeling, like “oh dear, I should add ten minutes tomorrow”…but it’s a “Why didn’t I? That was dumb, and now I feel like part of me is missing.” (Not to imply that God is no longer accessible, though.) It becomes a feeling of remorse for missing out that morning, instead of guilt for not fulfilling an obligation.

Lo, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! 😀


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