Dot God

I am not an avid texter, but I do have some people whom I send frequent little blurbs to via my phone. I have them in my contact list with periods right before their names, so that they are the most easily accessible when I need them. For example:




(and then the rest of them continue alphabetically)

Alexandra Hamilton

Betsy Ross

Christina Crooklestein

(And no, do not expect to find *those* names on my phone!) 😀 But you get the idea. The names with little dots before them are the ones who usually hear the most instant updates on my life, and are the ones who are there to pray for me in emergency situations. Something occurred to me the other day, though, when I had to pause and examine my heart. I had to establish that first and foremost, God will be the one whom I instantly talk to when something comes up.  He must be the one I first utter my shrieks of joy to when I am uncontrollably elated, and He must be the first one I go to when I fall apart. (Or, to quote Anne of Green Gables, when I am “in the depths of despair!”)

So before dear Jemimah Lee and Milly Roosems, I now literally have in my contact list…



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