Memorial Stones

During church today we had several people share about specific “markers” or “memorial stones” in their lives. Specifically, times where they have seen God at work in a certain situation, and reflecting upon it. The concept comes from way back in the Old Testament, when the LORD brought the Israelites safely across the Jordan River. You … More Memorial Stones

Status, Sovereignty

zoekay: is learning that God doesn’t always work the way we expect. Sometimes He just lavishes on the blessings and we’re like, “Wow, I’m running out of space for all this good stuff!” And sometimes when we think He should do something, nothing seems to happen. But God is God when the rains fall, and … More Status, Sovereignty


“We are like elevators. We either bring people up or bring them down.” I don’t know who said it originally, but I thought it was neat. 🙂

Short and sweet

God is good God is great God pulled me through my homework Now I won’t be up late God is cool God blows my mind When I seek Him Him I find Good night.

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