…and so we wait…

I’m learning that God likes to stretch what I call my “capability” to wait. It’s almost amusing, and often annoying.

For example, after knocking the life out of my dear laptop last Wednesday (about ten days ago), I went on Monday to purchase a new one. I loved the layout of it and all, the features are great, but there just seemed to be a few random glitches that shouldn’t have been happening this early on in its life. So I returned it today, hoping to exchange it for the same model, come home and continue on in life.

Oh ho ho…not so fast. Turns out they were out of stock, and needed to re-order. The expected delivery date is set for this coming Wednesday, and I now have four-ish more days of waiting. It definitely makes one realize how reliant they are upon electronics! My word. But I have several things to be thankful for, such as the fact that they didn’t use the exchange as part of my two-year warranty, and that we have two functioning computers at home for me to do my work on. AND the crazy fact that I was originally able to just walk in, select a laptop, and pay for it. I felt almost greedy, realizing I used more money in one transaction than some people make in half a year! It was very humbling.

So I am once again computer-less, still Facebook-less…dear me, how is it possible that I can survive in this instant contact-inclined society? *I shrug* I dunno. Maybe it’s ’cause I’m learning that when I take my eyes off the shiny screen, I am reminded ever so much more to fix my eyes upon Jesus, the author and perfector of my faith. Faith and waiting are not consistent with our human nature, I have noticed; we want results now, and we want to see it, touch it, experience it… Yet it’s so intriguing to me, that even when we get what we want when we want it, and when we can experience instantly, it is still not fulfilling. With God, however, He is able to totally satisfy our desires, because He gave them to us. As Amy Carmichael once said, “It is a safe thing to trust Him to fulfill the desires which He creates.”

And so we take heart and wait, because He is the one who is worth waiting for. More than the arrival of a laptop, more than the answer to prayers about the future, more than fulfillment of life itself. After all, He is God. What more can I say?


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