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  1. Good question. I don’t think I could not look, if He gave me that opportunity. But I’d be scared to death because I don’t think I can trust Him enough to look at 5 years of His plans in one look. You know what I mean?

  2. Oh no kidding, I totally know what you mean. But I would glue my eyeballs shut, if I had to, to avoid looking. I’m learning that God is always proving Himself faithful, and I think if I could glimpse that far into the future, I would try to then rely on my own strength to get me to whatever destination–instead of trusting God’s direction. And timing. I have impeccably bad timing! Nah, I think I would prefer to not look.

  3. That’s probably the wiser choice. But my curiosity may get the better of me. However….I will say that if God offers me the chance to look it couldn’t be a bad thing, right? It’s not like me asking for a King. 🙂

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