Lessons from Jeremiah

Okay, so to be honest these are actually things I’m learning from my cat, Jeremiah. Not the book in the Bible. Now I’m not recommending we should start a cat study instead of studying the book, but bear with me. 🙂

Approximately 9:40pm

*muffled mrrrrrrrow*
*scratch on glass door*
*muffled mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrow*

Now repeat this about three times. I was in the middle of my “prioritizing grid” for a class assignment, and finally roused myself from the couch to see what the muffled commotion was all about.  Into the kitchen I went, and after my eyes adjusted to the darkness beyond the glass door, I beheld a very large furry mass, with a very small feathery mass inside its teeth. In other words, a very large Jeremiah with a very dead bird.

And I’m not very fond of him bringing these dead things home.

However, Jeremiah is a cat and cats do, on occasion, catch and kill birds–despite their poor “mother’s”/”owner’s” dismay. But there he was, proud and purring, as he dropped the fresh carcass near my feet. Needless to say, I wasn’t the least impressed, but I did pat his squinty face and re-affirm that I did still love him.

My dad once used the analogy of how our dog would bring these dirty, mangled tennis balls to us, hoping we would be pleased enough to play with him. He used the correlation of how we so often come to God with our pieces of garbage, like we expect Him to be proud of the rottenness or something. In Jeremiah’s case, it was actually a dead thing which will require some *cough* cleanup in the morning. But don’t you love how God doesn’t say to us, “Ugh. Why did you bring Me that?” Instead, He still calls us to Himself with open arms and lovingly, gently, works to rid us of our self-imposed trash. Granted, this will only work if we allow Him to help us toss our junk; if we refuse to let go we might as well ride along to the dump, because that’s where He’ll then have to rescue us from.

And I have more stories of lessons learned from Jeremiah…but those will have to wait for another post. Hey, waiting, hold on one sec…I’m seeing a theme here. 😉


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