Love, love, love, deeper and deeper

From the lyrics of Jason Gray’s song, posted in the previous entry.

 It puts an absolute smile on my face…yes, I’m listening to it right now. “Falling in love with Jesus brought the change in me,”  he sings. To lose our heart for Christ, to be absolutely enamored with our Savior…it’s a divine relationship for crying out loud, not boot camp! It’s about pure love and forgiveness and salvation and the grace of God!  It’s about all you ever wanted, whether you wanted to admit it to yourself or not. It’s about not having to deal with life by yourself, it’s about being free from guilt, it’s about being so insanely loved that it blows your socks off. It’s about coming fearfully and guardedly, only to discover that there is nothing to fear–because perfect love casts out all fear. It’s about coming to God with all the crap in your life and saying, “Heavenly Father, I believe that You are the way, the truth and the life…I believe that Jesus died and that through His blood my sins are forgiven. I believe that Jesus conquered death and is now alive with You. I am tired of being in control of my life — it totally stinks, and I want You to be in charge.”

Why do we cling so tightly to that which we want to release? Even as Christians, there are still areas of our lives which we try to captain. We have our lives divided into sections…this is for God, this is for God, ooh–this one is mine. Hands off, God. How stupid is that?! (I’m talking to myself here, too.) And you know I’m serious about the stupidity part, because I used a double-exclamation. We know we can come boldly before God’s throne of grace, and yet we hold our little bundles of selfishness and take quiet, mincing steps towards the back door.

Lord, help us.

“It’s gotta be more like losing my heart, than giving my allegiance…it’s gotta be more like falling in love.”


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