My Prayer

Lord, may my spotlight always be on who You are, and not who I am

May I dwell not on the person I once was, but the person You are shaping me into

May my eyes never be dimmed from Your glory by gazing upon my “own” achievements

May I never tolerate evil, but fight for good

May I never shirk from spreading Your truth—despite my fear of social awkwardness

May I always remember that to accomplish Your tasks I need Your strength

May I never hesitate to speak words that are edifying, but consider that which is destructive

May I never favor my plans above Yours

May I not be deceived with the lie, “Did God really say…”

May my heart and soul wholly belong to You, despite how I try to grasp for control

May my humilities be many and my prides few

May I fear not for my own earthly status, but for the eternal state of others

And Lord, it’s so easy to pray such things when You and I sit here in this peaceful quietness…but may I always listen to Your still, small voice—even above all other noise.


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