The Note

“If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has gone, the new has come…” Wow. Where to begin? I’ve been spending a lot of time with God lately. When I learned that the quick peek-a-boo Bible check before I went to sleep wasn’t working, I decided to begin putting God … More The Note

The Love Question

What kind of love are you made for? What type of affection will captivate you? What attention do you allow to steal your heart? Do you know? Or do you care? What kind of love are you made for? If you could answer my question, would it revolutionize your life? Or would your naïveté become … More The Love Question

Recalling Femininity!

This is going to be a very extended series. More to come. One of my very current concerns recently pertains to the feminine realm. Girls specifically. Young ladies. If you belong to this very wonderful realm, please read closely. If you are a guy–esp. if you are a gentleman, and yes there is a distinction!–please … More Recalling Femininity!

Plastic Swords

This was a very randomly evolving story that I began writing this evening. I like to put my thoughts into pictures–sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t–but below is how I picture my constant battle of surrendering to God vs. being captive by the world. I hear the words of God fading from my mind As … More Plastic Swords