Recalling Femininity!

This is going to be a very extended series. More to come.

One of my very current concerns recently pertains to the feminine realm. Girls specifically. Young ladies.

If you belong to this very wonderful realm, please read closely. If you are a guy–esp. if you are a gentleman, and yes there is a distinction!–please proceed with caution, and helpfulness. (More on the helpfulness later.)

First of all I want to identify and abolish some lies that absolutely put knots in my inner organs. These are concepts that we too often accept as “truth” or “harsh reality” today; assumptions that are killing godly femininity and smothering feminine mystique.

(And some of these lies even have sub-categories.

1. Your beauty is what you look like. NOPE. It’s not. All the Mary Kay makeup in the world is powerless to conceal an ugly spirit. If your attitude and personality are plain dirty, it’s going to show.

        A) The clothes make the girl. Nope! You can dress to be attractive, and you can dress to attract. If you’re dressing to attract, you are degrading yourself. Why de-value your precious body? Why reduce yourself to border-lining slut status? One of my favorite quotes says, “You should dress tight enough to show you’re a woman, but loose enough to show you’re a lady.” DO IT.

        B) Your photos should show “as much”…without showing “too much”. Again I say, no. If you are very much appreciative of your physical characteristics, that is awesome. But be a modest model. Save sexy for your husband.

2. You need a guy. Pffft. Okay, so yes God decided that it was good for man to not be alone–this is true. And women were designed to complement men. This is also true. HOWEVER. Until God brings along the right guy at the right time, you DON’T need a guy. So don’t chase after them, and don’t intentionally attract them. The last thing this world needs is more heartbroken young people.

3. “Things” will make you happy. This is one I especially fall for–and quite often. But think about the last time you bought something that you had wanted for a long while, and how quickly the initial excitement dissipated. This is because we are not designed for the temporary–but for eternal. We will definitely use temporary things in life, but they can’t offer full-term satisfaction.

4. Gentleness equals wimpiness, meekness is weakness, and submission is a pain. Well first of all, God gives us a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. And that powerful spirit can be made manifest in gentleness and meekness. The point is to train your attitude so it will guide your actions. About submission, the husband/wife relationship is modeled after Christ and the church. Christ gave Himself up for the church, He defends and protects His bride, presenting her without stain or blemish. In the same way, the church is to submit to Christ’s authority: what He says, goes. Submission shouldn’t have a bad connotation if God designed it! Now, most of you are in the same situation I am–we don’t have husbands! Sad, I know. But we don’t get off so easily! Because we all have fathers, or father figures in our lives, and we should be practicing the submission model with them. What they say goes. This is not because men are greater earthly beings and women are lower, but rather because God says men are to love their wives and women are to submit to their husbands! Men need to be respected the way women need to be loved. We all know how much we want to be loved–so if your paradigm needs to be shifted as mine is, shift it.


More coming.


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