Trust Me

You think you’re all alone As the teardrops hit the floor But trust Me when I say That I will heal you, I’ll restore There is no where else to turn And I want for you to learn That you’ll find no safer place Than here beneath My grace I know your strength is failing … More Trust Me


If there’s only one concept I could convey to you tonight, I would sum it up in one word: blinders. It’s commonly used in the phrase, “Take the blinders off”, which always makes me think of somebody flipping up the clip shades from their prescription lenses. Or in a different word picture, removing the wall … More Blinders


Up early Sleep fades Dreams dissipate Blurred images create Hand on face Attempt self-snooze Mornings strangle me (Yeah, I lose) But down I go Bare feet hit floor Mind almost awake Yet body slow Bible open Spoon in cereal Physical breakfast Spiritual meal I rise before dawn To study Your Word And though I yawn … More Early

So Sweet a Word

So sweet a word To those who heard Such truth beheld And strength compelled The glorious word To hearts unstirred Will root and grow Or be cast below This precious word Is oft referred And very misquoted But seldom heard  The beautiful word By which we know Of love so great And our defeated foe  … More So Sweet a Word