Do the Right Thing

Simple words. Challenging task. This makes me ask myself: why is it I do the wrong thing so often? Most of us are familiar with Paul’s statement in Romans about sin, and how “what I ought to do, I don’t do, but that which I shouldn’t, I do”. I understand that. But beyond understanding it, … More Do the Right Thing

Friday Night Ramble

I want to tell about what You’ve done But with my words I fight I stare for awhile, then attempt to write How my restless heart You’ve won I stare quite dumbly at this page My cursor blinks My slow brain thinks Mmm…love how You take center stage The way You work is just so … More Friday Night Ramble


Can’t run, can’t hide I know–I’ve tried Gonna trust instead, Your heart and not my head ‘Cause You got it all together when inside I’m falling apart Can’t live, without Your love Can’t give, without Your love Can’t breathe, without Your life Can’t do anything, without You So I’ll trust You To do just what … More Prelude