If I Close My Eyes

If I close my eyes I see faces Tortured souls Humans Facing death If I close my eyes Their silent screams Explode In my ears If I close my eyes The lies pierce my heart The curettes Shred my soul If I close my eyes I feel my heart pound As their heartbeat Is snuffed … More If I Close My Eyes

Forsaking Toxicity

Tox•ic•i•ty: the state of being toxic. Toxic is defined as “containing or being poisonous material especially when capable of causing death or serious debilitation”. I’ve been thinking about all the poisons we allow into our lives; the sinful desires we entertain and by which we are then debilitated. It’s like trying to lose weight while … More Forsaking Toxicity

Sacrificial Praise

I come before You With my broken day At Your feet These pieces lay Sunshine scattered Doom-filled clouds Anticipations Left in mere shrouds But if the sun Is all that I try to see If I’m only desiring It’s light on me Then my perspective is off My focus askew You created the sun I … More Sacrificial Praise

Nightmare Reality

The nightmare replays Over and over I didn’t want to watch it But I knew I must My mouth was buried in my pillow But my eyes fully opened – I pushed play – First it showed the tiny hands Floating, unattached They were smaller than a dime Only God would ever hold these precious … More Nightmare Reality

Far More

This stirring This grating This feeling inside Your flame came through my soul Where dry wood did abide Your torch ravaged my soul In a ravishing way Leaving charcoal on the walls— Haunting, beautiful display As I rise from the grey dust And the smoldering remains I shudder to hear As they fall: my steel … More Far More