From the Nightclub Music: A Lesson in Grace

There are many things I enjoy about the weekend. Sleeping in on Saturdays, of course. The extra time to make a nicer breakfast for my husband. I’m also growing fond of the late music that floats through my window from the nightclub down the street. Sometimes it’s a slow, soothing jazz melody, sometimes there’s a country twang…usually it’s something fun to … More From the Nightclub Music: A Lesson in Grace

Midnight Anthem

The clock goes on But I, awake Am fighting Still fighting My soul must not quake The battles are threatening My peace to take They slash me They thrash me These brittle bones they break I cry out for mercy I beg for relief For comfort For solace For an end to my grief The … More Midnight Anthem

Causal vs Casual

Undoubtedly, you have seen the trending silicone bracelets worn to raise awareness for a particular cause. No longer a teen fad, many adults will even be seen sporting one of the neon bands on their wrists, too. “Save the Ta-Tas” “Save the Whales” “Pray for Japan” “Abort73” “HOPE” “Think Pink” “Prostate Cancer Awareness” “I [Heart] … More Causal vs Casual

This Appointment

In my last article I discussed the vulnerability of trusting. I asked if we would choose to brace ourselves for the result of fear–or embrace God, who tells us not to fear. I declared I would embrace God and trust Him. (Now, to be honest, I am writing from very current and fresh experiences in … More This Appointment

To Brace or Embrace? (That is the Question)

Have you ever eagerly anticipated a positive result? Perhaps a passing grade on a test, or a new job, or an exciting traveling opportunity? I would imagine you have. But I wonder, has lengthened anticipation ever caused you to doubt the initial hope for your desired outcome? It does for me. Like Abraham from the Old Testament, I … More To Brace or Embrace? (That is the Question)