The Philadelphia Story (That Doesn’t End Happily Ever After)

The Philadelphia Story (That Doesn't End Happily Ever After)


I hope you have heard by now about the trial concerning abortionist Kermit Gosnell, and his “house of horrors” clinic in Philadelphia. I hope you have heard or watched or read stories of the inhumane environment and all the women who were exposed to such unsanitary conditions. I hope you also read how he would use scissors to snip the necks of babies who survived the abortions, severing the spinal cord between the brain and body.

I hope you read about the blood, all the blood, and how it “rained fetuses, fetuses everywhere” according to one source. I hope you heard about women who were chained to the bed and were drugged even after they had changed their mind about the procedure.

Part of me hopes this shocks us.

Part of me wonders how it could—after all, our country embraced the abortion culture thirty years ago in Roe v. Wade, January 1973. It’s legally unacceptable to trap a helpless adult (or, worse, a child) in a small space, dismember them with a sharp tool, and dump their remains in the trash. But for some reason we decided it’s okay to dismember helpless babies in the womb and then dispose of them.

This is disgusting.

Now, the media likes to feature disgusting news articles. People like to read about other people, plain and simple. The more grotesque the story, the more fascinating—because, after all, we are capable of such horrific things, even if we can’t fathom it.

But why will a story about an abducted child or a murdered celebrity—or even a dog that was eaten by a shark—receive more news coverage than this abortion atrocity?

Because whether or not we accept it or even understand it, ending the life of an innocent person is wrong. I read somewhere that “Satan can’t harm God, but he can harm [those made in His image]”. Think of the sick pleasure Satan gets from ending lives God created! Beyond that, think of the even more horrid fact that he’s convinced God’s creations it is okay to end another human’s life.

Satan does have power, limited though his time may be. He wields abortion in so many ways in our country, slaying each person differently. He has some people of Planned Parenthood convinced that they are really helping “promote women’s health and well-being”, while some PP higher-ups know that this is a money-making industry because it is based of high emotions and fear. He has young girls thinking it’s okay because everyone else does it (even though it does seem kinda wrong), and young guys thinking they can go knock up any girl they want to, ‘cause hey, abortions are relatively cheap, right? He has compassion-less, sense-less Christians ranting about how abortion is murder, and women who have abortions must hate babies, and how all these abortion-involved people are going to hell—and the few of us who actually recognize the truth behind all of this, well, he gets us convinced that we are powerless to do anything about it.

It’s all a lie.

And that’s all I have to say, because we should be smart enough to figure the rest out from here.


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