A Matter of Fat

A Matter of Fat

Yes, I wrote “fat”. No, it was not a typo.

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about issues of self-image and self-worth and how they often revolve around one’s body type or weight. At least, they did for me. Being married has demolished some ugly lies I believed about myself, and being pregnant, well, being pregnant has made it all more interesting. 🙂

I used to wonder how I would survive being pregnant and how I could view the process of gaining weight as a natural, healthy, acceptable fact of life. I don’t own a scale, so the only time I know what I weigh is at the doctor’s office. It’s a good thing, too, because for the most part I don’t feel like I’ve gained all that much. Yeah, I’m definitely rounder, but it’s very obviously a baby in there and not some grossly misshapen tumor or an abscess. But lo and behold, I’m a good twenty-five pounds heavier than my pre-baby body. Possibly thirty by now.

And you know what…it doesn’t bother me!

In a sexually promiscuous world, fat is the enemy. Fat allegedly prevents you from being found worthy of love, and/or eliminates the options for an “optimal” lover. Fat makes you single, which is translated as romantically worthless. Fat also makes you ugly, because apparently if you are few curves curvier than curvy, a pretty face won’t do you any good.

To which I say: PFFFFFT! I know this sounds extreme…but aren’t these the lies we are sold?

It’s a sad thing especially when the Christian ladies on this planet get sucked into this deadly cyclone. I know, because I’ve been there–and too many times. The thing is, if your goal is to not live a sexually promiscuous life, these sugar-coated poisonous rules don’t apply to you. Your body belongs to Christ, and you are to dress it with respect. If you are married, your body also belongs to your husband…and his approval is the only human affirmation you need.

(Although I will add, the type of husband-ly approval I’m referring to is love-derived and God-given…any sort of abuse–physical, emotional or verbal—is never acceptable grounds for a man to simulate his approval of you. Abuse is serious, and you should seek help if you find yourself in this situation. You are valuable, you are not designed to be battered as someone’s toy.)

That being said, we’re not striving for the same goals–and we don’t have to play by their rules!

The Christian life is established in grace: freely given, freely received. It is founded in forgiveness and mercy and the cleansing away of impurities which distance us from God. It is a relationship of restoration, and the thing is…God created us to have relationships with us! Short, tall, fat, skinny, pear-shaped…He designed us how He wanted us, and that’s the temporary image we get for 50, 70, 100 years. While God is interested in the internal permanence of our souls, Satan would rather distract us into fixating on our outward, temporal fascia. When we focus on God, we experience love and acceptance. When we allow Satan to turn our minds towards “worldly things”, we fall into a web of lies founded in our ever-looming pride, and often resulting in self-hatred.

Self-hatred: Hating the being God designed for His glory. Ironic, huh?

So really, nothing is the matter with fat–unless it becomes excessively unhealthy for your existence as a vessel for God. I personally think God is more interested with cutting the fat off around our hearts (ie pride) than He is with us trimming down a few pounds around the waistline.

Just remind me of that after I have this baby. 😉


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