Bundled in Love

It’s apparent that I’m a parent. This is evidenced by the chubby bundle of smiles and drool and gurgly noises which I wake up to every morning. Sometimes I just look at him, fascinated, still trying to comprehend how such a short time ago he didn’t exist, but after a violent exit from my insides…he … More Bundled in Love

Moving Forward

I usually know what I want to write when I begin. At this moment I don’t even have a title. I know I want to get back into my writing groove; I know I want to keep putting to paper (or keyboard) the lessons God has been teaching me. But today there is no theme, … More Moving Forward

Empty Envelopes

Escape. We all want it from something. Escape from reality, escape from pain, from failure, from fear…from ourselves. We’re so often running from something, but what are we running to? In Psalm 71 David writes, “Be my rock of refuge, to which I can always go; give the command to save me, for You are … More Empty Envelopes