Deeper into Deity

Soooo we finally got Netflix. I think we’ve had it for two or three months now, and it is way more convenient than dragging little Mr. Man down to the library and keeping his squishy little fingers from “reorganizing” all the books and DVDs. But while we have now we have easier access to a … More Deeper into Deity

Saturday Nights

Does it ever happen to you…that sudden whirr of remembrance…the thought that pops up in your mind like the last computer tab to be closed, saying “Error, Error”…does it ever happen to you? It happens to me on Saturday nights. The lull before Sunday. The hush before a day we traditionally set aside to worship … More Saturday Nights

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning 2015. I call it “The Purge”. I know it’s not technically spring yet, but I have designated the entire month of March to cleaning and de-cluttering projects. I figure with a toddler, it will take the whole month. So far I’ve cleared out and cleaned the refrigerator, cleaned out and vacuumed the car, … More Spring Cleaning

On Boredom and Parenting and Why I’m Giving Up My Smart Phone

If I told you that I was giving up my smart phone, you’d probably think it was a temporary action for Lent. But I don’t do Lent. And I don’t do temporary. I’m learning that being a parent means being transparent. You can’t hide from your kids. (Sometimes even literally, unless your closet has doors … More On Boredom and Parenting and Why I’m Giving Up My Smart Phone